Tree-CareWe’ve all seen it happen.

An employee is standing around on a construction site. Probably he’s waiting around for material to run through a brush chipper while the other crew members are taking down another tree. Meanwhile, the tree stump from the first removal is prepared for grinding.

Or a crew is shorthanded or even shut down for the day because the only guy who can climb is out sick.

One probable solution for both of these problems is to cross-train staff. If that first crew member knew how to run the stump grinder, he could do that job and the crew would be more productive. In the second scenario, if a tree service has multiple crews, some shuffling around could lead to that absent crew member’s spot being filled.

Here are 5 Factors that will benefit your company from cross-training employees.

1. Increase adaptability – Continuing the thought above, cross-training employees can reduce the length of time crew members stand around and also keep crews running at full strength, allowing for improved productivity and efficiency.

2. Enhance staffing -There are ups and downs in the tree care sector. Companies may staff up when it gets busy and then cut back when it’s slow. This may entail hiring full-time, part-time or seasonal employees, or some combination thereof. Being able to combine personnel to crews can help keep a company at an ideal staffing level. For example, if you suddenly get a lot of tree removals, you can move some employees off plant health care duties to help climb or operate machinery rather than hiring new staffers.

3. Defeat the forecast – It’s just a truth of life that tree care employees have to endure the weather. If conditions are so bad you are unable to climb, but you can still remove brush and grind stumps, having crew members with a variety of abilities can keep you operating when other businesses are shut down during the day.

4. Remain fresh – Some tree care work is more physically demanding than others. Think of a climber versus someone hauling material with a loader. Having the ability to rotate your crew members may keep them fresh and improve overall productivity.

5. Increase well-being – Cross-training employees to shows them that you care about their professional development, and happy staff often go the extra mile for their employers. They also may reward them with their loyalty. In an industry where finding and retaining staff is certainly one of the greatest issues, this is a great bonus.